How Does Organic Marketing Work On Social Media? - Ultimate Guide to SoMe

Infografik om hvordan virker organisk markedsføring

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Welcome to the blog. In this post, which is updated regularly, we zoom in on social media. If you have any wishes for aspects that we can elaborate on in the next update of the blog, please write in the comment field at the bottom of the page. 🙂

Once you have read the post you will have an in-depth understanding of

Hvordan markedsføring på Sociale Medier virker.

There are generally three ways to market yourself on SoMe:

  1. Paid Media
  2. Influencers
  3. Organic Posting

Paid Media

When using Paid Media you have to pay a platform to share your page, offers, product etc. with a lot of people. You pay an auction price to get website traffic, likes, new followers or general exposure. It is super effective for sales! But it also requires for you to keep pouring money into advertising. If you stop… Well then no one will see your site, offers or products.


Influencers are users on Social Media. The influencers profiles are started by people with some sort of passion. This could be cooking, interior, fashion, fitness or something else. Sharing their passion creates a huge following. They are called influencer because they through their platform can influence their followers’ choices - E.g if they like your brand or not. You can pay some of these influencers to share a post about you company and by that reach a lot of people with a specific interest. It can cost between $80 and $986,000 (Kylie Jenner) pr. post.

Organic Posting

And then we have the most forgotten way to create useful marketing: Organic posting. You can create these kinds of post with your inhouse resources. Personal sites and Business sites can share 1) Text 2) pictures and 3) videos on almost all kind of medias. By sharing post regularly, which bring value to your users, you get the opportunity to create trustworthy followers for your page. In many ways you do yourself and your company a favor and create your own influencer platform. It rarely happens from day to day, but in the end, it is very dependent on the media you choose to use. In this moment it is possible to get 1.000.000+ viewings on TikTok in your first post! But before you get carried away, then remember that most of the viewers isn’t your target group. So, start by defining your audience. - You can read how to in this blog.

How is the Guide Structured?

This post is divided into sections which can be read in depth or read to get a shallower understanding of the topics. If you wish to read the essence of what each topic is about, then just read the bold text.You can think of it as illustrated in the top picture. Each topic (letters) can be understood in different levels of detail(numbers).


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