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Ejerne sidder klar til at fortælle hvad storytelling er

What is Storytelling Media?

We are not called Storytelling for no reason, and therefore we would like to tell you a little story about two friends from Aarhus University who had a common dream. Before we tell you about the company, we would like to take you back to January 2020.

How Did Storytelling Start?

It all started on a dark and gray Wednesday in January. Hans Christian and Thomas had just returned from their respective exchange stays, and they had agreed to meet for a cozy evening, as they had not seen each other for a long time. What they did not know was that this evening would change their lives forever. 

Both had long had a dream of going a different path - the path of an entrepreneur. They wanted to start their own business. An idea had flown in from the USA, and landed directly in the lap of the boys:

Organic SEO on Social Media! 

They researched the Danish market for social media agencies - but nowhere could they find an agency that would take on the role of creating a continuous flow of ads for companies. All agencies in the market were skeptical "Who will pay for it?" said the oh so skeptical agencies… They were especially skeptical about how to gather material to write and share 4-7 stories and posts on every social media, every week, all year round.

"So," said Hans Christian, "can we not just use methods from the world of journalism?". Thomas replied quickly: “It's probably not that simple. We need to create a system”. And that's what the boys did. They started building a machine to make it possible to create huge amounts of organic content in a very short time…


What Does Storytelling Media Do?

We fast forward 10 months to this day. It is Wednesday evening in late October, and this week we have already entered a contract with three new regular paying customers, hired employee no. 2 as a ‘storyteller’ and offered an internship to a no. 3 intern. Every month, we help companies that are professionals on their websites, in their stores and on the phone - but professionalism lags on their social media. 

So, we help companies to communicate their messages, values and products through catchy stories - and turn their social media into active channels. We use the algorithms on social media to create visibility and engagement with users. Simply put, then we offer SEO on social media. så udbyder vi SEO på de sociale medier.

Organic marketing is not a new idea - in fact, not at all! Yet only a few have managed to make it financially viable. This means that we compete primarily with companies' internal employees in marketing.

We only hire customers who have stories to tell. And those who have a lot of eye-catching stories, have often surprised. Several of them are large, technical million-dollar companies that have become very product-oriented in their daily lives and forget that the outside world does not have the same deep knowledge of their products and services as themselves. 

With Storytelling Media as business partners, even the most advanced products are communicated at eye level with users, so that the customer's network can relate and share their messages and stories. It is among other industries such as distribution measurement, emblem and nameplate manufacturing, management recruitment and clinical filters for the pharmaceutical industry.

And the Entrepreneurial Dreams Do Not Stop Here…

The scaling of Storytelling Media has led to us taking over the management and operation of an established production company from January 2021. The company, with 5 employees in Viby, has in recent years earned just under 2 million DKK on the bottom. In addition, Storytelling has aroused interest in a group of business angels from Copenhagen, two of whom have sold startups for double-digit million amounts (TriCom and TestaViva). These business angels have offered Storytelling Media co-ownership in a newly started tech company, where we will be responsible for the expansion in Jutland, on Fyn and in Germany. More about that in another blog.


But... So, What Does All This Means? 

Well that means that while we have studied a Cand.Merc.Sol, within a year and has created a company that writes 4,500+ organic stories a year, has a turnover of between 100,000-120,000 DKK per month, manages a production company, expands a tech company and wakes up every day with a huge smile on our faces.

Success can only be achieved if you are sincerely happy with what you do every day. In addition to the fact that we have already surpassed many of our 3-year goals and achieved some nice performances, we feel that for the first time in our lives we are on the right path. It's not about the money. It's not about becoming famous. It is about that every day is filled with new energy and joy of pursuing our dreams.

Best Regards,

Thomas Brahe and Hans Christian Hørup Hellstern


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  1. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google,
    and found that it is really informative.
    I’m going to watch out for brussels. I will
    appreciate if you continue this in future.
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    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We have been extremely busy in the past 6 months, but have already made plans for more content starting from August. So be on the lookout – we have a lot of informative stories coming your way.
      Best regards
      Hans Christian from Storytelling Media

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