Brug for hjælp til Programmering af Chatbot?


Do you get a lot of inquiries through messages on social media, but you can not manage to answer them all or it is too time consuming? Then select a Chatbot.

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a tool for answering the most desired questions. Users are becoming more and more active on social media and often require customer service around the clock, so a chatbot is useful to think into the customer experience. It allows you to meet customers questions and needs, and can thus contribute to a more personal relationship with your users. 

We can help you build your chatbot. You pay a one time amount and we set up the whole process for you.

We examine your previously received messages and questions to assess which answers are ideal for your particular chatbot. In addition, we set up and design your chatbots so that they are suitable for your specific users. Make it easy for your users to spend their time on your channels.  

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