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At Storytelling Media ApS, we help your company with the operation of your SoMe strategy by developing marketing initiatives, monitoring your competitors as well as user behavior and algorithms on social media.


By taking algorithms and users into account, we optimize social media. We give you a continuous update on the outcome of our optimization.


Paid advertising on social media helps companies reach out to potential customers by proactively creating sponsored content for a selected target group.


By telling 4-6 stories on all social media each week, your message will be spread. Storytelling is at the core of our approach to communicating.

You have your customers right by your hand.


Especially technically advanced companies, need to communicate their value creation in an easy-to-understand way. Small basic stories about the products, the company and the customers' problems help to transform your network into a committed sales team.


The customer journey is much longer in 2021 than ever before. Customers research far and wide before the decision to buy is made. Therefore, it is important to be professional and appeal to the instincts of consumers. Not just on the website and in the store - also on social media.


Do you need to create a new life for your brand? Storytelling is a powerful tool that can connect a previous perception to a new one. By focusing on processes and development, a brand can regain recognition with its customers.

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Organic Marketing Subscription

Do you want help with the everyday life on social media? Then our subscription solution is the perfect choice for you and your company.

Online Advertising Subscription

Advertising on social media can be a challenge for many. With our subscription we will take all the challenges away from you.

Programmering og opsætning af ChatRobot

Do you get a lot of inquiries through messages on social media, but you can not manage to answer them all or it is too time consuming? Then select a Chatbot.

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Let us handle social media in your business?

Read how you can improve your social media yourself?

Our Team

What Our Costumers Say

After a very successful collaboration with Storytelling Media, we have chosen to use them to handle Facebook and Instagram in our other companies. Huge recommendation from here!

Smuk-beton Logo
Mathias Hansen, marketingchef

Storytelling has delivered really nice stories to our company. It's great not to have to think about always making content - now it's almost automatic ... Our visit to the website from social media has also increased significantly.

Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S Logo
Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S
Tobias Halskov, marketing

We create a higher amount of organic customers after the collaboration with Storytelling Media than we have ever done before.

Alge stop logo i grøn og rød
Alge-Stop ApS
Mathias Stavensø, marketing

It is incredible how we have experienced an increase in website visitors from social media.

JM Band er kunde hos Storytelling Media
JM Band ApS
Dan Wolovski, owner

Since Storytelling Media became a part of the team, we have not had to spend effort on creating content. We reuse the best stories in news emails and on the website.

Fulli Logo
Fulli K/S
Mikkel Hempel, investor

Our Focus Points

How do we create an endless stream of stories for your social media? In an enchanting way we make cohesive content - and we are proud of it!

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