Storytelling & SEO

Storytelling and SEO

What is SEO?

Before we take a closer look at how Storytelling can help your websites’ SEO, then it is important to clarify what SEO is. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is a process that decides how you are placed in Google, Bing etc. 

The idea behind SEO is to increase the quantity and the quality of visitors to a website through organic search results. 

If one manages to optimize in relation to Google and Bings formula to what their search engines prioritize, then there is a possibility to end as a #1 for relevant search words, and that will create enormous value for your website and company - because who even cares about the second page of the Google search?

SEO is influenced by all sorts of parameters, and we will take a look at some of them in the later blog post, but now we should talk about how Storytelling can help with your SEO. 

How can Storytelling strengthen your SEO?

When a story is engaging, you feel like reading it to the end. So Storytelling is also a practical tool when it comes to SEO, which determines how visible your website will be on Google.

The reason can be found in the two concepts Dwell Time and Bounce Rate, both of these have a big influence on which websites Google will set on top in search results.

  • Dwell Time is how long the visitors will be on your website
  • Bounce Rate is the percentage of the visitors who will leave your website after only one single view on the page.

                                                  Better Dwell Time and Bounce Rate


                              More visitors                ⟵             Higher search engine rankings

So you really want a high Dwell Time and a low Bounce Rate - because this is the way that Google’s systems find out if your website is relevant and worth visiting, and if it is something that should be seen as one of the first things when searching for a product. If the reverse should be the case, it will be interpreted as the website being irrelevant and uninteresting, and then other, competing websites will be prioritized over it.

The good thing about it is that once your Dwell Time has gotten high and your Bounce Rate has gotten low, then things should run in circles - your website will be the first to come up when people search for the product, which will create more traffic and therefore improve your Dwell Time and Bounce Rate, which sends the website to the top in the search results, attract more visitors and so on.

Therefore, it is a great idea to do a keyword analysis, thus knowing which words are good to use in your storytelling.

You must, however, be aware that there are a lot of other parameters that affect your SEO, and therefore Storytelling is not a means to an end, but only a tool to improve it, at the same time creating a better relationship between you and your customers. 

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